Welcome To NIMe

Established with the purpose of exploring creative, skillful, dedicated and energetic human resource National Institute of Management Excellence is a private company registered with the office of the Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply of Government of Nepal. The main office of the organization is located at Putalisadak (New Plaza), Kathmandu.

We are basically guided by the notions that business success relies on two fundamental aspects of corporate phenomenon; Excellence in Management and Excellence in Sales & Marketing. On the one hand management excellence has been the crux of global corporate success so far and on the other hand the very success is totally dependent on sales and marketing strategies of the respective products of the respective industry.

NIMe serves as a beacon for the aspiring professionals and growing companies who desire to be the messiah of the business community . As we aspire to provide wide range of services we don’t let any individual as well as company go empty handed once they knock our door seeking our services.

In case of professionals we value the interest and capabilities of every individual and hence motivate them to explore the enormous potential that they possess. For the companies we provide complete management solutions with the means of worthwhile research, trainings and management consultancy services.

We believe we are unique because of our innovative training methods that ensure practical exposure to actual industrial life, grooming the professionals to be realistic and effective in pursuing corporate careers.

Please fill in our Application Form to get enrolled in our courses. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can always provide us your feedback.